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We’ve seen some huge improvements coming in from our clients last month.

Jon Folkes and James Oulsnam both conducted a retest of their 3 MMP (Maximal Minute Power) Test.

The MMP Test was developed by British Cycling and gives us a good estimation of maximal aerobic power, power/weight ratio and will calculate power and heart rate zones.

Jon Folkes retested and had a massive improvement of 35% in Power and a 25% increase in Power/Weight.
In just 6 months, these percentage gains are amazing! This year, Jon completed his first ever Triathlon in Ammanford and then went on to smash Ironman Wales. Great work Jon!

James Oulsnam retested and saw an outstanding result! A huge 60% improvement in his power and a 55% increase in power/weight.
Being one of our youngest members, his determination and focus see’s him up there with the best!

The hard work and commitment from these guys are inspirational! The team can’t wait to see what 2018 brings, keep it going both!